В этом разделе мы разбираем вместе устойчивые словосочетания на английском.Сегодня мы разбираем словосочетания со словами  «sheets, blanket, pillow, mattress, wardrobe, alarm, curtains» (простыни. одеяло, подушка, матрац, шкаф, будильник, шторы).

Change the sheets Поменять простыни
Clean/dirty sheets Чистые/грязные простыни
An extra blanket Дополнительное одеяло
A warm blanket Теплое одеяло
Prop (yourself) up with a pillow Положить подушку под спину
Cry into your pillow Плакать в свою подушку
Sleep on a firm mattress Спать на жестком матраце
It’s a very hard/soft mattress Это очень жесткий/мягкий матрац
Open/close the wardrobe Открыть/закрыть шкаф
Hang your shirts in the wardrobe Повесить свои рубашки в шкаф
A fitted wardrobe Встроенный шкаф
Set the alarm for 7 o’clock Установить будильник на 7 часов
The alarm goes off/the alarm rings Будильник звонит
Hear the alarm Слышать будильник
Open/close the curtains Открыть/закрыть занавески/шторы
Draw the curtains Отдернуть/задернуть занавески/шторы


I opened the wardrobe, chose a shirt, then tried to decide what tie to wear with it.
It was colder than usual, so I put an extra blanket on my bed.
My mother always changes the sheets on our beds on a Sunday, because Monday is her washing day.
I set the alarm for seven, but it didn’t ring. That’s why I was late for work.
Jack and Sue want to stay over on Saturday night. Could you put some clean sheets on the bed in the spare room?
The first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning is to open the curtains, and see what the weather’s like.
All the bedrooms in our new flat have fitted wardrobes, so there’s plenty of storage space for our clothes.
Can you hang these trousers in the wardrobe, please?
I prefer to sleep on a firm mattress. If it’s too soft, I find it gives me a sore back.
I propped myself up with a couple of pillows, so that I could read comfortably in bed.
When I went into her room, Farah was crying into her pillow. She was obviously still upset about splitting up from her boyfriend.
I was so tired last night. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.
When my parents turn the lights out, I read my book under the blankets with a torch.
Don’t forget to set the alarm. We have to be up early tomorrow.