Разбираем известный курс американского автора AJ Hoge, который называется «Effortless English». Сегодня 3й урок по теме Lost custody. В первом уроке вы слушали аудио с опорой на текст; слушали с паузами и повторяли, стараясь копировать автора; слушали без опоры на текст. Во втором уроке мы разобрали перевод.  Сегодня мы составим вопросы к тексту и ответим на них. В следующем уроке мы будем учиться пересказывать.

Наша цель — научить вас совершенствовать свой английский САМОСТОЯТЕЛЬНО!

Одна из самых эффективных методик — это составлять вопросы и ответы к тексту, а затем пересказывать прочитанное, используя слова и обороты из текста и синонимы к ним.

How old is this young woman? She is 22 years old.
How long has she been married? She’s been married 17 months.
Do they have a son or a daughter? They have a son.
How old is their son? He’s 23 months old.
How long hasn’t  her husband worked? He hasn’t worked for a year.
Is he ready to support his family? No, he isn’t. He refuses to help support their family.
Does he praise or belittle his wife? Derek belittles his wife.
When does the husband belittle his wife? He belittles her all the time when he speaks to her.
Is she happy in her marriage? No, she isn’t. She is unhappy in her marriage.
Does she know what to do  in this situation? No, she doesn’t. She’s not sure what to do about it.
What happened during their honeymoon? Her husband told her that if she ever divorced him, he would make sure to get custody of their son.
What did Derek promise to do if they ever divorced? He promised that he would get custody of their son.
What did his mother want to tell the judge in the case of divorce? She wanted to tell the judge that her daughter-in-law was an unfit mother.
Who is the most important person in the world for this woman? Her little son is.
How does she know that her son wouldn’t be better off with his dad? She is sure that her son will be unhappy with Derek because he doesn’t even let his dad hold him.
Does this woman work? No, she doesn’t. She is on disability.
Why does she think she doesn’t have a good chance of getting custody if she leaves? She’s not certain about getting custody of her son because she gets money from the government.
Does she feel Derek loves her? No, she doesn’t. On contrary, she feels he has a bad attitude toward her and their son.
What two options does she have to choose from in this situation? There are two choices she could make: to stick it out with her husband or to leave and take a chance of losing her son.
Do you think it’s better for her to stay with her husband and to bare his disgusting behavior toward herself and her son? I think it’s better for her not to be afraid and to take the chance to live with her son separately.
How does she feel? She feels trapped.